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Welcome to Fantasy Empire!

This is the new free online fantasy war game. It´s still under development, so everythin isn´t finnished yet, but you are very welcome to participate in whatever we have finnished at the moment.

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Recomended Browser and Settings.

To be able to play Fantasy Empire at all you will need a JavaScript capabel browser.
Netscape 3 / IE 3 / Opera 3 or later should do.
Make sure to have JavaScript enabled! This is default in all browsers but Opera 3.x, but you can usually turn it of in a "security preferences" dialog or something simmilar.

To get the most out of fantasy empire, you will need a XHTML and CCS 2 capabel browser.
Mozilla 1.0 / Netscape 6 / IE 6 / Opera 6 or later should do.

You will also need to have a screen resolution of at least 800x600, any smaller and the entire width of a page won't fit on your screen.
We do recomend you to have a screen resolution of 1024x800 or more, to be able to get an overview of the information on the site.